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Whew! It has been over a year and we’ve replanted. Literally. We decided to take it back to our roots and move back to our home state to be near our family and friends.

It’s home and the place we know best. Where our roots run deep.

We had to step-away from actively engaging with our business and focus on taking care of our little slice of earth.

The moment we pulled into the driveway we started to envision all the possibilities this house and land had to offer. Although it was a little outdated, it glimmered with all the potential it gave the family before us and what was to come. This house was a dream once before when it was built in the 70’s by a couple early in their marriage. They raised their kids, cared for their parent, and heard the laughter of grandchildren between these walls. The husband fell ill and passed, leaving his wife behind in the home they built together. They planted the seed so many years ago and we’re thankful she chose us to tend what they had started.

We knew and accepted the time and hard work that was ahead. We’ve been diligently working to turn our dream of possibilities into reality. We’re not near being done, but continue to make slow and steady progress. We're finally at a point where we need to rejuvenate ourselves from building kitchens, fixing pipes, painting walls, remodeling bathrooms, building a chicken coop and all the other projects in-between. It's time to switch gears.

With the ebbs and flow of life, it's inevitable to escape change. It allows time to evaluate priorities, and the importance of community, friends and family. It brings about growth within oneself and reminds you where your energy is needed to be placed.

We’ve started to redirect our energy to being present in this moment. We're not waiting for the next project to be done and finally getting back to creating whatever pops in our head. We've been needing this, and we get to share it with you!

Now that we have found ourselves the perfect spot for our forever home, we began to sow our land, and ready to start planting seeds. There's new growth coming to Rooted Vibes! It will take time, but we will thrive and grow together.

We thank everyone for supporting us and look forward to sharing our adventures, experiences, products, how-to's, and hopefully much more!


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