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Explore Rooted Earth Farm Apothecary

Just added! Handmade items by Rooted Earth Farm.

Most of the herbs used in their products are grown on their sustainable farm in MA.

Those that aren't grown on their farm is sourced from organic farms that they trust.




It all starts at the roots. 

With a solid foundation all things will grow and thrive. 


We're not root bound, and will be offering many items from talented artisans, growers, and

toss in some dope things along the way. just as Roots grow and spread, we aim to do the same with the items we offer here at Rooted Vibes.


Our seed was planted during the craziness 2020 decided to bring. The vibes that 2020 presented needed to be offset  and we decided the negativity could use some light. we will shine! 

we encourage you to do the same, use what you've been given to make it better! woodwork, Plant, Paint, make and create! do what makes you happy. the wise old saying, tomorrow is never promised.There's no time better than now, my friend, to let the good vibes grow. 

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Chillin' & Vibin' with Rooted Vibes  

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Dandelion Parachute Seed


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