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Benefits of Incense

Have you ever had an aroma tingle your senses that make you think of a memory, someone, something or a place you’ve been? How about a change in your mood or energy? Smells can put you in a different state of mind by triggering thoughts, emotions and actions. By burning an incense, you control your vibe and take a journey to where your senses lead you.

Incense are created from all-natural materials such as wood, resin, bamboo and essential oils. Choosing a high-quality incense definitely makes a difference when trying to achieve a distinct smell.

Where to begin. Ask yourself what are you seeking? This will help guide and direct you to scents that meet your needs, such as mindfulness, relaxation, spirituality, creativity, stress and anxiety reducers, air purifiers and ones that soothe you to sleep.

Here’s some helpful information on a few scents to lead you to your Zen.

Patchouli- (my absolute favorite) has a regenerative, yet relaxing earthy smell that helps ease anxiety, mood boosting and lasting aroma.

Sandalwood- widely used for meditation, creativity and spiritual cleansing with its warm earthy, deep woody tones.

Vanilla- most recognized by its soft sweet scent of comfort and its warm soothing aroma. Used for mental thought and relaxation.

Lavender- sweet floral aroma that’s used for refreshing the body, mood lifting, restlessness and tranquility.

White Sage- sweet floral scent releases a calming energy for when you feel overwhelmed, aides sleep and used for protection and purification.

Frankincense- rich and spicy with a deep woodsy scent that's used widely for cleansing and helping with anxiety.

Lemongrass- clean refreshing scent that helps with mental clarity, creativity and calming for relaxing sleep.

If you can’t decide on one scent, Aromatherapy sticks are a great option that're a well mixed concoction of essential oils creating a complementary aroma to target specific areas such as having a clear mind, melting stress away, recharging your body or uplifting your mood.

Now that you have chosen your incense fragrance, light it up, place on your

incense holder, turn the music on and enjoy!

T&S ✌️💛🌱

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